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Tuesday, April, 17th 2012

Welcome and Opening of the 1st European Biodiversity Summit
14:25-16:10 Plenary Session

Between Business, Climate and Biodiversity Protection

This section tried to reveal interconnections and potential synergies between climate change, business and biodiversity protection

  • Karl Falkenberg, Director General, European Commission, DG Environment
  • Hanjo Schneider, Member of the Board, Otto Groug
  • Gavin Neath, Senior Vice President Sustainability, Unilever
  • Hartmut Wurster, Executive Vice President Technology, UPM-Kymmene Corporation; Presentation here.
  • Jochen Flasbarth, President, German Federal Environment Agency
Coffee Break
16:40-18:30 Plenary Discussion
Putting a Price on Nature: Opportunities and Limitations of Corporate Ecosystem Valuation

One of the often heard complaints is that economically seen, nature is invisible: it is not shown in balance sheets and budgets. Through ecosystem valuation these values are made visible to companies.

Summary is available here.

  • Prof. Manfred Niekisch, Director, Zoological Garden Frankfurt & Vice President of the Global Nature Fund (moderation)
  • James Griffiths, Managing Director: Ecosystems, Forest Solutions and Water, World Business Council for Sustainable Development; Presentation here.
  • Mathieu Tolian, Project Manager at the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Veolia Water; Presentation here.
  • Maria Norell, Sustainability Manager Pulp and Paper Chemicals, AkzoNobel; Presentation here.
  • Tobias Hartmann, Project Manager at Global Nature Fund; Presentation here.

Gala Buffet and "German CSR Award" Ceremony

Weißer Saal, Neues Schloss, Stuttgart

Wednesday, April 18th 2012

8:30-9:25 Plenary Session
Rio +20 - Lessons (to be) learned

Once seen as the essential turnaround in environmental policy, the "Rio-process" has led to many disappointments in the past 20 years. Were do we stand now and what kind of "sustainable progress" can we expect in the 20 forthcoming years?

  • David Steuerman, Programme Officer, Business and Biodiversity, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); Presentation here.
  • Achim Drewes, Corporate Communications, Nestlé Deutschland

Plenary Session

Mobility for the Future

Coffee Break
Three Parallel Sections:

1) Opportunities for biodiversity financing: asset management, project finance and markets

The aim of this workshop was to highlight new developments in financing biodiversity conservation through tapping private capital sources and to show the status quo of markets for biodiversity.

Summary is available here.

2) Corporate Biodiversity Assessment: Choosing the right Tool for Companies

Several tools exist for companies to measure their impact and dependence on ecosystems and biodiversity. This session presented some of them and showed in which instances they can be used

Summary is available here.

3) Beyond Reputation: Cooperation between Companies and NGOs

The aim of this session was to shine light on the new kind of collaborations that are started between companies and NGOs. These collaborations extend beyond reputation and bring benefits for the company, the NGO and biodiversity.

Summary is available here.

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:15 Plenary Session
Towards Renewables - Germany as an example?

Germany is seen by many as an example of a country successfully making the shift from conventional to renewable energy. But is it? In this session participants shared their perspectives and discussed the future of the European energy system.

15:15-16:15 Three Parallel Sections:

1) Burden Shifting or Burden Sharing? Legal Compliance and Biodiversity Offsetting

Companies always have a negative impact on the environment but they increasingly try to minimise them, for example by adopting approaches such as No-Net-Loss. Increasingly, these actions are regulated by law. This session showed how companies are dealing with regulations and shed light on new developments.

Summary is available here.

  • Peter Smits, Senior Advisor, Triple E (moderation)
  • Michael Rademacher, Biodiversity and Natural Resources Manager of the Global Environmental Sustainability Department, HeidelbergCement
  • Brice Quenouille, Project Manager, Bouygues Construction; Presentation here.
  • Prof. Elke Hietel, Environmental Liability and Biodiversity, Institute for Environmental Studies and Applied Research - FH Bingen; Presentation here.
  • Sarah Lavaux, Department of Sustainable Development, Eiffage

2) Transparent Supply Chains and Resource Efficiency

This session focused on the indirect impacts of a company on the environment. This impact is often much larger than the direct impact and has a clear link to the financial bottom line.

Summary is available here.

  • Sebastian Winkler, Senior European Advisor, Global Footprint Network (moderation)
  • Chris Boyd, Biodiversity Unit, DG Environment, European Commission; Presentation here.
  • Derek Whatling, Biodiversity Supply Chain Project (TABS) Manager, Middlemarch Environmental Ltd.; Presentation here.
  • Cornis van der Lugt, Senior Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University Business School; Presentation here.

3) Energy, Climate and Biodiversity - Conflicts and Synergies

The aim of this workshop was to show that energy production, biodiversity and climate change are intimately interwoven. It showed opportunities and ways to mitigate risks for business that arise from this connection.

Summary is available here.

16:15-17:00 Media Panel

Open discussion with journalists and corporate communication experts dealing with public perception of sustainability and biodiversity.

  • Dagmar Deckstein, correspondent for the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Detlef Flintz, responsible for the programme "Markencheck", ARD television channel
  • Sven Korndörffer, Head Corporate Communications, Aareal Bank
  • Jens Schreiber, Director Corporate Communications and External Affairs, Celesio 

17:00 Closing

Wolfgang Scheunemann, CEO dokeo

17/18 April, 2012
Stuttgart, Germany

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